Monday, 30 November 2015


Hello and a very good morning everyone. Today is Monday anndddd I love Monday as much as I love Sunday. Err....Seriously Cas? Yesss. I never had such thing as Monday blues. Why I love Monday? Well being a heavy duty worker of course I love Monday because I feel very fresh on Monday after getting enough rest on Sunday. Beside I do love my job. OK just my job but not its salary LOL...
      Usually people tend to feel lazy and Monday blues on this day. Why? Hahaha I'm not sure maybe you just hate your job or your boss . Who knows? LOL. Ok ok let me give you all few tips to make your Monday as awesome as Friday. LOL....

1. Wake up early
     Yes ...Being early is one of the factor that will determined how well your day going to be. Good start will lead to a good day. Beside if you wake up early you can prepare early and you would have some extra time if anything bad happen such as your tyre punctured and many other unexpected trouble.

2. Never skip your breakfast
     Skipping breakfast is a BIG NO NO NO not just for Monday morning but for every morning. If you skip your breakfast your brain will not function well and it tends to limit your creativity. Beside empty stomach will give you a bad mood that sure going to spoil not just your day but everybody around you as well.

3. Treat yourself

     Whether you bring your own lunch or just buy from stall or fast food restraunt it is good to treat yourself a good lunch on Monday. Its kind of a way to motivate yourself. If you can afford just have lunch at 5 star hotel. Why not? Hahahaha...

4. Greet your collegues

     Try to greet your collegues to create a warm and happy environment. This will make you feel more enjoyable while working. Try to make a joke to make others feel happy as well. However please dont be too annoying hahahaha

5. Think positive

     Last but not least is try to think positive. Whatever happen try to think positively. Never think about anything bad. Come on its just a work so how can it be very bad. Worst case you only get fired not die so naaah dont have to worry much.

Thats all for my tip on Monday. Tell me if you have more.

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