Sunday, 22 November 2015


Hello and greetings all reader? How you all have been? Its quite a rainy day for me here in Penang,Malaysia. Almost every evening we had rain until I have to wear a jacket that have hood to cover my head as I don't want to get a fever again. But cannot wear rain coat as I driving a car. Would look funny driving a car wearing a rain coat hahaha...But I do love rainy weather hehe It feels good and calm and I can watch the rain drop.hehe..
Imagine I driving while wearing ths.LOL
 I prefer something like this. Dont asked why I use girl picture because no one know my gender LOL

    Ok back to the tittle.As you all know I just started blogging this August and not everyone among my friends know that I'm blogging but I do tell some of them because I need a guide from them. Some asked me " Hey Cas are you serious about getting in blogging? Its not even relevant now." LOL...Well yeah I have to admited that blogging not as famous as Vloging now. Is it because human feel more lazy to read now?LOL i dont know but I admit I feel kind of lazy to read sometimes and spend of my time watching Youtube.LOL

However back in my University day blogging can be quite famous and I myself love to read some blogs and feel like ahhh blogging is easy even kindergarden kid can do it.LOL but when I'm about to try it I feel like urghhh.... its not easy as to just read it LOL..I only had couraged to start blogging this year. Better later than neevr though.Ok now let me tell you the reason of why I blogging

1. As a Medium For Me To Express Myself
    At first I'm thinking of using blogging as a medium for me to express myself. Like how I feel about something and my opinion about any sort of things. I admit even I still a newbie i can really feel that this kind of medium really help me in expressing my feeling,my thought and creativity. erhmmm the last part maybe just creativity in writing.haha...and why I choose blogging as medium? well I'm an introvert and I dont feel confident showing myself in front of camera. Beside I need a privacy as well. Imagine if one day my thought somehow a bit differents from others. Of course my personally life could be compromise so for me blogging is the most comfortable, convinient and safest medium for me.

2. As a Place To Sharpen My Writing Skills
    Actually before started blogging I been writing a novel but But but.... dont asked me whats the title of my novel because it never get publshed nor finish yet. YEsss never finish and just a few chapter. Writing a novel is quite challenging as its like you writing a movie. All angle need to be right. I dont want to published a rubbish so I may wait till I can get better and finished it. Its more about quality to me.For me writing a blog can be a good exercise for me.It help me getting use to typing after two years of graduating  from university LOL..

Well I think I only have to reasons of why I blogging but naahh its good so why I need a reason anyway.LOL..I think thats all for now and tell me what you all think about my blog.

Ok adiosss

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