Thursday, 12 November 2015

First World Problem = MONEY

Oohh God, Its been a long time I didn't update my blog. LOl..
Currently been busy with work..

  Yes , WORKS.. Sounds like I'm making hell lots of money but hell yeah I ain't making much instead of spending more. LOL ..Ok correction I'm not spending much just in this economic plus the introduction of GST  costed  me to add more in my monthly budget so there goes all my money LOL..

  However, despite in this bad situatiation I managed to think on someway to get out of financial problem. But ..but please dont clap your hands yet because I just managed to think but didnt actually
work on my theory just yet LOL..In my opinion I think I need to gain more money in order to survive and at least secured my futured.. At least lah. So I thinking of doing some part time work,maybe as a freelancer..Maybe part time designer,typist or etc etc..aahh I need to have new skills in my life.

   Second step is by cutting some unimportant budget.Well everything is important nothing sounds like unimportant. Luckily I managed to stop smoking..YESS  STOP SMOKING. Sounds like a greatest achivement in my life.LOL..There was a story of why I stop smoking and I will tell you all in next post.

   I hope with my not really proved theory I can at least save a little bit..Cannot ask minister to cut down the cost because well you know them. LOL..Although my effort look and sounds like a little effort yet we must remember we doesn't need an elephant to destroy a city. Only took one small virus to conquer them all. LOL

Ok only this for now,


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