Sunday, 29 November 2015


Hello and greetings to all my readers. Been busy a bit this few days so I didn't update my blog. However today is Sunday andddd........ I LOVE SUNDAY!!!!! hahahaha... Well there's a good reason for me to love Sunday as its a weekend and you know what its mean? IT IS MY OFFDAY!!! LOL...Really happy eh Cas? Of course hehe..
Not this sundae ok LOL

Sounds like I really enjoying my Sunday right?LOL Yeah I do enjoy my Sunday but I think how I spend my Sunday may not be as what you all imagined.LOL.. Okay I will tell you how I usually spend my weekend.

    First of all like everyday as an early bird I always woke up early and weekend is not an exception.WHAT? Yes for me its good to wake up early because you can see the sunrise and planned on what you should do on that day and the whole week Beside its to keep me being discipline and never late on working day. However its not as easy as said. I have been like an owl before who stay up all night and have to trained to make myself more discipline.

After that I will do light exercise, watch mirror to check my hair and take a shower.Then, I will asked my mom whether she want to accompany me to the market here. Yesss I love market. There I can buy many fresh things. Fish, chicken, beef , vegetables you name it you got it. My choice of market is Sama Gagah Market or also known as Market Permatang Pauh.. But I tell you the price of fish here a bit expensive,better buy at other places. I recommended Bukit Mertajam Market if you want to buy a fish. Most fish actually arrived there first before being distributed to other market.
Sama Gagah market.see the happy Ah So there.LOL

   At the market I usually will buy something to cook usually vegetables or chicken and not to forget my breakfast. YESSS I never skip my breakfast. I rather late than not having any breakfast. Thats why I always woke up early. My choice of breakfast usually Apom Balik. Apom Balik at this place is really really really nice. Its sweet and just nice. My second choice would be Curry Mee. MMMmmmm just thinking about it make me drool about my keyboard LOL..
Apom Balik a.k.a Malaysian sweet pizza lolol
MMM delicios curry mee

After I satisfied enough with my shopping spree there I will go back home, have my breakfast and start cooking for our family lunch..Yesss I can cook and I loveeee cooking. After finish cooking I will watch some movies or do some works on my laptop before having my lunch at 3p.m. Yes I always  and prefer late lunch. I dont know why but it just Cas being Cas .LOL..After that I will continue to sit in front of my laptop.LOLL...

See how boring is my life? naahhh to me its not boring at all. I just want to stay out of trouble thats why I prefer to stay at home. I have other legit excuse as well. Ok Ok no excuse .LOL...naahh I jsut want to rest and pampered my body.Thats all.hehehe
doing this doesn't look bored to me.LOL

I thinks thats all for now. Let me know how you all spend your precious Sunday..Maybe it can motivate me to spend my Sunday more wisely.hehe


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