Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Why I Always Failed In Interview?


Silly title..I had applied for hundreds of jobs. Yes seriously. Been to interview few times and I failed all of that except for my current job which I got recomended by some friend. I even failed to get a job as factory operator. I think all the foreigners better than me.LOL..Yet I think that maybe true. Some of them claimed to hold a degree. Just a rumour I'm not sure though. Maybe they better than Cas.

The biggest factor and often reason of why I failed in interview are :-

1. Lack of CHARISMA
    I was like WTF is that.LOL..yeah maybe true.I've been a laborers or so called "buruh kasar" for           almost a year so I may not have that smart or elegan look I think.LOL naahh I'm not sure.It maybe
    just their excuses.

2. Lack of communication skills
    Dont laugh.LOL..seriously I spend 2 years looking for job and help my family business. So I
    rarely communicate or socialize with other people except my family and regular customer. I just
    "Lepak" with friend only on festive season. Well adult life after all. Cant enjoy everynight. I think
     I getting better now. Before this I dont know what should I said and answer to the interviewer.I
     think he/she may think I'm a boring person.LOL

3.  Being too honest
     Honesty is important and crucial yet being very honest until you exposed and said negative things
    can be bad. Trust me no one like to hear negative things.

4. Lack of experience
    Yeah I lack of experience. I'm a not so fresh graduate yet didnt had any experience.LOL

Thats all I can list for now. Feel free to add more.LOL..ooh I'm not bashing anyone.


Ambition And Future


Wahh at last I had a chance to write my entry. I'm very busy with work recently. Not a good pay job but this one is the only place that hired me. Other place all rejected me.LOL

I still struggle to find better job.At least something that compatible with my qualification and better salary. Oh my please dont say I'm picky because its kind of hypocrite. When I was a kid my ambition was to be a navy.LOL ok ok i know i cant swim but kid dont care about all of that. The uniform look kind of good to me.Oh one more thing I'm colorblind so i have to gave up upon my ambition.

After quite sometime I think becoming a teacher also kind of good. Well I'm not a teacher's favourite because I always set a gap between me and all of my teacher whether at school or uni. Not because I hate them just I being profesional only.But, I kinda like the idea of being a teacher. I mean its a good and respectable job. I love school and teach other people. But.. but I failed to achive my ambition as I been directed to other path in my life.Oh my application to Maktab Perguruan also been rejected. I dont know why.LOL

After that I further my studies in engineering.Nooo engineering never been my field but I manage to do the best at least for one semester.After  one semsester i kind of like that field even I'm not a techincal type of person.LOL.Not that i been kicked out after one semester just my elders order me to further my studies in other field and I cant refuse at all because I been waiting for that offer.

After few years i manage to graduate.Few years of struggle,lack of sleep,enjoy and adventure. I thought after I graduate I can get better job,more money yet thats all just a fairy tale for me.LOL .Yet I never give up because I beleive in the future.

Noooo...I never hope I can get better job or have more money in the future. I just want to be a better person. Yes a better person because I think being rich and have a good job yet lack in moral is useless. Become a better person and I will achieve everything.

P/s : Actually I want to have my own business oneday..:)

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Fate And Destiny


Wow! Today I making 2 entries.Hmm..seems like a good progress.While laying on my bed and surfing on some info I been thinking about something that we called as Fate and Destiny..

What is Fate? According to Uncle Google Fate can be define as
"the development of events outside a person's control, regarded as predetermined by a supernatural power."
Hmm.. from this definition what I understand is that one person cant do anything about his/her fate as it beyond mortal. For example if God state that this one person will failed in his/her final exam then however clever or outstanding he/she is she will failed. Sounds tragic right? Yet still legit. I mean imagine if he/she getting a fever,got into an accident or any personal problem for sure this thing can happen. Even its sounds tragic as hell we still lucky because we didnt know our fate.

What is Destiny?  According to Uncle Google again Destiny can be define as
"the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future"
This mean something that will happen to a person whether he/she like it or not. For example if our destiny state that we will have BigMc for tomorrow,however broke we are we still going to had BigMc for tomorrow.Like Fate ,we also didnt know our destiny.

This 2 things sounds like a mystery and some of us may said it unfair,cruel and bla bla bla all the negative things. Why so serious? relax..our Fate and Destiny doesnt have to be bad or unlucky. Some may turn out to be good. Even it turn out to be bad who we are to question God because God work on his own mysterious way. Should we blame our Fate and Destiny? Hell no.Thats the reason why we didnt know our Fate and Destiny. We just need to struggle and keep on and have some faith.

Remember something bad just didnt happen easily. Keep on and shake your own Fate and Destiny.
Oh my i sounds like a preacher now..feel free to leave your thought on the comment


Little Intro


This is my second post on this blog. I  think I should introduce myself a little bit even I think no one going to read my blog anyway.

First, I will be known as Castiel or Cas in this blog. Why I didnt use my real name? well that because I can. Beside I prefer people didnt know who I am. That make thing more easy and simple. Am I right?

I in my 20s and from Malaysia. Oh we just celebrated our National Day yesterday.Well nothing much to write about myself as I think I'm not really an interesting people.

For now I currently working after graduating 2 years ago. Well not really a good job but at least this job help me funding myself a little bit for ciggarete and my internet bill. Hope to get better job in the future or maybe I should further my study. Hmm...who knows. Only time will tell.

Okay, thats all for now

Adios !