Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Hello and good evening all readers..This is my first time using my tablet to update my blog. I have been thinking of using tablet since I can use it at work and will finished up my entry as soon as I get home. Well I usually got an idea at work so its a wise choice to write an entry as soon as something come up on my mind

   Today I'm going to talk about racism in Malaysia. As we all know Malaysia is a multiracial country consists of many races. Here we have  Malay, Chinese, Indian ,Siamese ,Iban, Kadazan and many many more. Do you think we all live in harmony? Yess we are. So far there are nothing like dispute. Ok ok minus the Low Yat issue we have no problem. But come on Low Yat issue just a small small case.However the question is do Malaysian racist?
My beloved country Malaysia

Well I have to say the answer is YESSSS... and Nooo.LOL...Seriosly Cas which one is your answer? Hahaha...Well its depend on how you define racist. Its kind of subjective and vary among individual. If you ask me I think everyone is racist on certain extend but dont forget we all human and have common sense and humanity as well.

   For example you may racist towards other race but if let say you have a friend from different race and your friend is in trouble. Of course being insane human and as a good friend you cannot say No and try to help your friend. In other word we Malaysian not totally racist or not racist at all. Maybe we not been exposed to each other in a very close way. WE MAYBE A LITTLE BIT DIFFERENT BUT WE CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER!!
different ethnicity in Malaysia

I hope in the future there will come the time not only for Malaysian but for everyone in this world to fully understand each other. With better understanding we maybe can close the gap between each other.

Ok thats all for now ..

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