Monday, 23 November 2015


Good morning and hello everyone. I woke up early this morning just so I can make a new entry.Ok Ok thats a BIG LIE hahahaha...Actually I woke up early so I can get to work early before traffic jam. Well Penang always have road congestion after all. Remember on the last entry I said that I used to read some blogs during the days I still in University? Ok today I'm going to list down the blog that I used to read backdays. Take note that some of the blogs might not even exists now. OOh I forgot to mention that I'm not going to list it based on my favourite because I love them all so I just list them randomly.


  Ok the first one is this blog. Own by a Singaporean women with always a nice hair. Her name Wendy if I'm not mistaken but correct me if I'm wrong. Her blog look very cute and girly. Why I love her blog? Well I like her writing and how she expressed it. The review also very good and most important part is her honesty which hahaha come on what wrong in expressing your own thoughts. I like her style. This blog still exist and she still active in blogging. She's quite famous after all.

  The second one is this blog. Own by a Malaysian girl Lumi a.k.a Chuah Xin Wei. However this blog currently not exist anymore since Lumi has moved to But why you put the old blog link Cas? Come on I just remembering the good old days.LOL..Ok what I like about her blog is the magnificent picture. I dont know why but the picture in this blog very nice. Ohh Lumi also got a nice hair. Maybe people with a nice hair tend to be a good blogger.hahahaha...Lumi usually blog about her travel,beauty tips and other crap which been write in very beautiful way.


   First of all this blog also currently not exist anymore. I dont know what happen but the blog just not there anymore.However I think chics still active on twitter. What I like about her blog is her writing. Lots of intresting topics that been write in there. Mostly about her life. I like it ,it make me feel like I watching this world from other people perspective. Too bad its no longer there. Hope you will continue blogging Chics


   Last but not least is this blog by Malaysian famous blogger Hanis Zalikha a.k.a Keknis. This blog still active though. I admited that this blog is one of the blog that I read when the first time I been introduced to blogging world She do review and tutorial and other things. Her writing skills also nice. Oooh I forgot to mention she quite photogenic as well plus nice hair.hahaha I always praise other people hair..

I think thats all for now..There also other blog that I love to read but I will write about it someday. Most of them really inspired me.

Okay adiosss...

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