Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Greetings and hello fellow readers..Hmm if I have one.LOL...On my last entry I said I already stop smoking BUT But....I failed..YES I failed..hahaha...Well maybe it just not the time yet and I kinda love it. I mean still love it but i managed to cut it down to 1 Packed for 5 days.. Isn't that amazing? hehehe...naahhh...

Yes this one. Winston favourite.
Pic from uncle google image

See the scary picture there? LOL not intimidating at all.hehe...By the way Malaysian Government had increase the price of cigarette from RM12.30 to RM15.50 with the excuse as usual to stop people from smoking..Hmmm seems legit isn't it?LOLOL..

   Luckily I smoke Winston which is not expensive as the most delicious one Dunhill..That one cost RM17 now. Yeahh RM17..Very silly price for a packed of cigarette.. Well back to the basic, cant complaint just need to improve oneself.

Ok continue to next entry..


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