Thursday, 26 November 2015


Hello and good evening to all my readers..Its been a good start today. I have very little work to do hahaha and I can save my energy to write on my blog.LOL
    Today while driving to work I hear the story about vape in the radio. Well as we all know this vape issue quite viral these day. Some side pro with the uses of vape some against the using of vape. Hey Cas have you try vape? LOL the answer is YESSSS..but but why you still smoking like a moving train Cas? LOL ...
chu chu...Look at the smoke LOL

Okay let me tell you..last month I bought a vape. Well just a simple beginner starter kit from KANGERTECH. I considered its cheap compare to other choice that I have on that time. I bought it at the price of RM260..well I thinks its worth it.
Mine look exactly like this.sorry cant take pic since I in dark room now

   Honestly after a month using it can say that vape and ciggaratte is two DIFFERENT things.Yeah both are definitely different to me. I know both produced a smoke but the feel of smoking ciggarette and vape is different. Its like you compare driving a car and riding a bicycle.LOL
However I can relate it to like having sex and masturbating.LOL you dirty minded Cas.hahaha well its true its like the alternative way of smoking ciggarette. Its not going to feel like ciggarette but yeah its at least can reduce the urge to smoke a ciggarette.

   However if you ask me if I personally like it the answer is NOOO...Vape just not an option for me because its not suitable for me. Some of the e-liquid does taste good for me but it does effect me a bit.It make me feel dizzy a bit. Maybe because its mint and cold. Other problem is I didnt know when to stop vaping since its doesn't have filter.

For the conclusion I can conclude that vape is not all bad if you can control it.However it just my thought.Different people different taste. I think thats all for now. Tell me what you all think about it.


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