Monday, 30 November 2015


Hello and a very good morning everyone. Today is Monday anndddd I love Monday as much as I love Sunday. Err....Seriously Cas? Yesss. I never had such thing as Monday blues. Why I love Monday? Well being a heavy duty worker of course I love Monday because I feel very fresh on Monday after getting enough rest on Sunday. Beside I do love my job. OK just my job but not its salary LOL...
      Usually people tend to feel lazy and Monday blues on this day. Why? Hahaha I'm not sure maybe you just hate your job or your boss . Who knows? LOL. Ok ok let me give you all few tips to make your Monday as awesome as Friday. LOL....

1. Wake up early
     Yes ...Being early is one of the factor that will determined how well your day going to be. Good start will lead to a good day. Beside if you wake up early you can prepare early and you would have some extra time if anything bad happen such as your tyre punctured and many other unexpected trouble.

2. Never skip your breakfast
     Skipping breakfast is a BIG NO NO NO not just for Monday morning but for every morning. If you skip your breakfast your brain will not function well and it tends to limit your creativity. Beside empty stomach will give you a bad mood that sure going to spoil not just your day but everybody around you as well.

3. Treat yourself

     Whether you bring your own lunch or just buy from stall or fast food restraunt it is good to treat yourself a good lunch on Monday. Its kind of a way to motivate yourself. If you can afford just have lunch at 5 star hotel. Why not? Hahahaha...

4. Greet your collegues

     Try to greet your collegues to create a warm and happy environment. This will make you feel more enjoyable while working. Try to make a joke to make others feel happy as well. However please dont be too annoying hahahaha

5. Think positive

     Last but not least is try to think positive. Whatever happen try to think positively. Never think about anything bad. Come on its just a work so how can it be very bad. Worst case you only get fired not die so naaah dont have to worry much.

Thats all for my tip on Monday. Tell me if you have more.

Sunday, 29 November 2015


Hello and greetings to all my readers. Been busy a bit this few days so I didn't update my blog. However today is Sunday andddd........ I LOVE SUNDAY!!!!! hahahaha... Well there's a good reason for me to love Sunday as its a weekend and you know what its mean? IT IS MY OFFDAY!!! LOL...Really happy eh Cas? Of course hehe..
Not this sundae ok LOL

Sounds like I really enjoying my Sunday right?LOL Yeah I do enjoy my Sunday but I think how I spend my Sunday may not be as what you all imagined.LOL.. Okay I will tell you how I usually spend my weekend.

    First of all like everyday as an early bird I always woke up early and weekend is not an exception.WHAT? Yes for me its good to wake up early because you can see the sunrise and planned on what you should do on that day and the whole week Beside its to keep me being discipline and never late on working day. However its not as easy as said. I have been like an owl before who stay up all night and have to trained to make myself more discipline.

After that I will do light exercise, watch mirror to check my hair and take a shower.Then, I will asked my mom whether she want to accompany me to the market here. Yesss I love market. There I can buy many fresh things. Fish, chicken, beef , vegetables you name it you got it. My choice of market is Sama Gagah Market or also known as Market Permatang Pauh.. But I tell you the price of fish here a bit expensive,better buy at other places. I recommended Bukit Mertajam Market if you want to buy a fish. Most fish actually arrived there first before being distributed to other market.
Sama Gagah market.see the happy Ah So there.LOL

   At the market I usually will buy something to cook usually vegetables or chicken and not to forget my breakfast. YESSS I never skip my breakfast. I rather late than not having any breakfast. Thats why I always woke up early. My choice of breakfast usually Apom Balik. Apom Balik at this place is really really really nice. Its sweet and just nice. My second choice would be Curry Mee. MMMmmmm just thinking about it make me drool about my keyboard LOL..
Apom Balik a.k.a Malaysian sweet pizza lolol
MMM delicios curry mee

After I satisfied enough with my shopping spree there I will go back home, have my breakfast and start cooking for our family lunch..Yesss I can cook and I loveeee cooking. After finish cooking I will watch some movies or do some works on my laptop before having my lunch at 3p.m. Yes I always  and prefer late lunch. I dont know why but it just Cas being Cas .LOL..After that I will continue to sit in front of my laptop.LOLL...

See how boring is my life? naahhh to me its not boring at all. I just want to stay out of trouble thats why I prefer to stay at home. I have other legit excuse as well. Ok Ok no excuse .LOL...naahh I jsut want to rest and pampered my body.Thats all.hehehe
doing this doesn't look bored to me.LOL

I thinks thats all for now. Let me know how you all spend your precious Sunday..Maybe it can motivate me to spend my Sunday more wisely.hehe


Thursday, 26 November 2015


Hello and good evening to all my readers..Its been a good start today. I have very little work to do hahaha and I can save my energy to write on my blog.LOL
    Today while driving to work I hear the story about vape in the radio. Well as we all know this vape issue quite viral these day. Some side pro with the uses of vape some against the using of vape. Hey Cas have you try vape? LOL the answer is YESSSS..but but why you still smoking like a moving train Cas? LOL ...
chu chu...Look at the smoke LOL

Okay let me tell you..last month I bought a vape. Well just a simple beginner starter kit from KANGERTECH. I considered its cheap compare to other choice that I have on that time. I bought it at the price of RM260..well I thinks its worth it.
Mine look exactly like this.sorry cant take pic since I in dark room now

   Honestly after a month using it can say that vape and ciggaratte is two DIFFERENT things.Yeah both are definitely different to me. I know both produced a smoke but the feel of smoking ciggarette and vape is different. Its like you compare driving a car and riding a bicycle.LOL
However I can relate it to like having sex and masturbating.LOL you dirty minded Cas.hahaha well its true its like the alternative way of smoking ciggarette. Its not going to feel like ciggarette but yeah its at least can reduce the urge to smoke a ciggarette.

   However if you ask me if I personally like it the answer is NOOO...Vape just not an option for me because its not suitable for me. Some of the e-liquid does taste good for me but it does effect me a bit.It make me feel dizzy a bit. Maybe because its mint and cold. Other problem is I didnt know when to stop vaping since its doesn't have filter.

For the conclusion I can conclude that vape is not all bad if you can control it.However it just my thought.Different people different taste. I think thats all for now. Tell me what you all think about it.


Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Hello and good evening all readers..This is my first time using my tablet to update my blog. I have been thinking of using tablet since I can use it at work and will finished up my entry as soon as I get home. Well I usually got an idea at work so its a wise choice to write an entry as soon as something come up on my mind

   Today I'm going to talk about racism in Malaysia. As we all know Malaysia is a multiracial country consists of many races. Here we have  Malay, Chinese, Indian ,Siamese ,Iban, Kadazan and many many more. Do you think we all live in harmony? Yess we are. So far there are nothing like dispute. Ok ok minus the Low Yat issue we have no problem. But come on Low Yat issue just a small small case.However the question is do Malaysian racist?
My beloved country Malaysia

Well I have to say the answer is YESSSS... and Nooo.LOL...Seriosly Cas which one is your answer? Hahaha...Well its depend on how you define racist. Its kind of subjective and vary among individual. If you ask me I think everyone is racist on certain extend but dont forget we all human and have common sense and humanity as well.

   For example you may racist towards other race but if let say you have a friend from different race and your friend is in trouble. Of course being insane human and as a good friend you cannot say No and try to help your friend. In other word we Malaysian not totally racist or not racist at all. Maybe we not been exposed to each other in a very close way. WE MAYBE A LITTLE BIT DIFFERENT BUT WE CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER!!
different ethnicity in Malaysia

I hope in the future there will come the time not only for Malaysian but for everyone in this world to fully understand each other. With better understanding we maybe can close the gap between each other.

Ok thats all for now ..

Monday, 23 November 2015


Good morning and hello everyone. I woke up early this morning just so I can make a new entry.Ok Ok thats a BIG LIE hahahaha...Actually I woke up early so I can get to work early before traffic jam. Well Penang always have road congestion after all. Remember on the last entry I said that I used to read some blogs during the days I still in University? Ok today I'm going to list down the blog that I used to read backdays. Take note that some of the blogs might not even exists now. OOh I forgot to mention that I'm not going to list it based on my favourite because I love them all so I just list them randomly.


  Ok the first one is this blog. Own by a Singaporean women with always a nice hair. Her name Wendy if I'm not mistaken but correct me if I'm wrong. Her blog look very cute and girly. Why I love her blog? Well I like her writing and how she expressed it. The review also very good and most important part is her honesty which hahaha come on what wrong in expressing your own thoughts. I like her style. This blog still exist and she still active in blogging. She's quite famous after all.

  The second one is this blog. Own by a Malaysian girl Lumi a.k.a Chuah Xin Wei. However this blog currently not exist anymore since Lumi has moved to But why you put the old blog link Cas? Come on I just remembering the good old days.LOL..Ok what I like about her blog is the magnificent picture. I dont know why but the picture in this blog very nice. Ohh Lumi also got a nice hair. Maybe people with a nice hair tend to be a good blogger.hahahaha...Lumi usually blog about her travel,beauty tips and other crap which been write in very beautiful way.


   First of all this blog also currently not exist anymore. I dont know what happen but the blog just not there anymore.However I think chics still active on twitter. What I like about her blog is her writing. Lots of intresting topics that been write in there. Mostly about her life. I like it ,it make me feel like I watching this world from other people perspective. Too bad its no longer there. Hope you will continue blogging Chics


   Last but not least is this blog by Malaysian famous blogger Hanis Zalikha a.k.a Keknis. This blog still active though. I admited that this blog is one of the blog that I read when the first time I been introduced to blogging world She do review and tutorial and other things. Her writing skills also nice. Oooh I forgot to mention she quite photogenic as well plus nice hair.hahaha I always praise other people hair..

I think thats all for now..There also other blog that I love to read but I will write about it someday. Most of them really inspired me.

Okay adiosss...

Sunday, 22 November 2015


Hello and greetings all reader? How you all have been? Its quite a rainy day for me here in Penang,Malaysia. Almost every evening we had rain until I have to wear a jacket that have hood to cover my head as I don't want to get a fever again. But cannot wear rain coat as I driving a car. Would look funny driving a car wearing a rain coat hahaha...But I do love rainy weather hehe It feels good and calm and I can watch the rain drop.hehe..
Imagine I driving while wearing ths.LOL
 I prefer something like this. Dont asked why I use girl picture because no one know my gender LOL

    Ok back to the tittle.As you all know I just started blogging this August and not everyone among my friends know that I'm blogging but I do tell some of them because I need a guide from them. Some asked me " Hey Cas are you serious about getting in blogging? Its not even relevant now." LOL...Well yeah I have to admited that blogging not as famous as Vloging now. Is it because human feel more lazy to read now?LOL i dont know but I admit I feel kind of lazy to read sometimes and spend of my time watching Youtube.LOL

However back in my University day blogging can be quite famous and I myself love to read some blogs and feel like ahhh blogging is easy even kindergarden kid can do it.LOL but when I'm about to try it I feel like urghhh.... its not easy as to just read it LOL..I only had couraged to start blogging this year. Better later than neevr though.Ok now let me tell you the reason of why I blogging

1. As a Medium For Me To Express Myself
    At first I'm thinking of using blogging as a medium for me to express myself. Like how I feel about something and my opinion about any sort of things. I admit even I still a newbie i can really feel that this kind of medium really help me in expressing my feeling,my thought and creativity. erhmmm the last part maybe just creativity in writing.haha...and why I choose blogging as medium? well I'm an introvert and I dont feel confident showing myself in front of camera. Beside I need a privacy as well. Imagine if one day my thought somehow a bit differents from others. Of course my personally life could be compromise so for me blogging is the most comfortable, convinient and safest medium for me.

2. As a Place To Sharpen My Writing Skills
    Actually before started blogging I been writing a novel but But but.... dont asked me whats the title of my novel because it never get publshed nor finish yet. YEsss never finish and just a few chapter. Writing a novel is quite challenging as its like you writing a movie. All angle need to be right. I dont want to published a rubbish so I may wait till I can get better and finished it. Its more about quality to me.For me writing a blog can be a good exercise for me.It help me getting use to typing after two years of graduating  from university LOL..

Well I think I only have to reasons of why I blogging but naahh its good so why I need a reason anyway.LOL..I think thats all for now and tell me what you all think about my blog.

Ok adiosss

Friday, 20 November 2015


Hello and greeting all readers. I cant sleep early tonight so I decided to write an entry. But I still wonder why I got lots of ideas to write when its not on the right time like at work and etc etc..haha Maybe at that time my brain work at top gear.LOL..By the way this time I'm going to talk about the road not taken.

   Sometimes in our life we do encounter this situation whether its in making decision over one or many option or really just to choose between the road in map.LOL..I personally have encounter this kind of situation and I bet everyone else too. Sometimes its just hard to make a decision. Lots of things need to be calculated and lots of feelings need to be consider.
Two roads,which one will you choose?

We usually tend to choose the most safest option and the one that people usually tend to choose for example you just graduated from high school anf got 2 offered from different university on 2 different courses. One is Medic and the other is in Business Management..Of course being a sane person we would say that choosing Medic is a right choice because well, being in medic field is quite respectable and got high income and easy to get a job. So choosing Medic course is the road that people usually take and choosing Business Management is the road not taken because well you know the reason.LOL..

    However choosing the road not taken  is not always bad and not always good. There always pro and con , Ying and Yang. The good things one choosing the road not taken is you might experience something that others never had to experience. Its sounds unique. The bad things is you might lost in your way and failed in your life but come on something like that cant be so bad.LOL

So,whatever decision we make remember to think carefully. Somethings thats good for others doesnt mean it is good for us. Different people fit different shoes. REMEMBER that.

I thinks thats all for now..


p/s : i write this post at night but published it on the next day because i fall asleep LOL

Thursday, 19 November 2015


Hello and greetings all reader.. Alot has happen lately. Being an introvert person doesn't mean I dont care about global things. Well I dont really care but still need to know.hahaha...Last few days we been strucked by a tragedy that happen at Paris city of love or well thats what people say at least. This sad tragedy also know as Paris attack and it is beleived that Islamic State ( IS) has been responsible for this tragedy. This tragedy has at least killed 129 people. See the damage is not as high as what happen in Palestine or Iraq or Afghanistan yet who we are to value human life by number. I personally didnt agree with the statement of people who comments about the number of death. Its not funny when you been put on the list of death even in just 2 people list. However this as usual just my thought.
map of Paris Attack from hmmm wikipedia LOL

    This attack consists of mass shooting and suicide bombing. The frances government has declared a state of emergency because of this tragedy.I was surprised when I first hear about this tragedy because who would imagine such tragedy could happen there.However the after effect of this tragedy is terrible physically and mentally.
Soldier everywhere after the tragedy..see the magnifienct Eifel Tower there.
pics taken from google image

After this attack some people mourn their lost one and some have been injured by the attacks. Islamic religion were blame as the roots of terrorist. See the effect?its not just what we can see but lots of things change.. Ohh i forgot to mention that after this incident France had bomb Syria which causes lots of fatality as well.Wow such a domino effect..

     However I feel it is not smart to blame a religion. Wait wait I'm not sided with any side as I told in my entry before. No religion support this kind of things. However people tend to use religion as an excuse to give advantage for them. Some use religion as a shield.. Realy really bad people. I hope my country Malaysia will not face anything like this.

Ok I think that is for now since I need to continue my work and  my condolences to those who have lost their loved one in this tragedy.Tell me your though about this tragedy as well..


Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Greetings fellow readers if have one.LOL... Today Cas feel really hard working and full of spirit as ever soooooo I going to do two entry for today. 2 yes TWO..LOL...

    Remember last time I said I stop smoking? Yes I tried and you all want to know what really happen and make me to decide to stop smoking? Well the story begin....

DUM DUM DUM ( suspen music)

Last week exactly on Deepavali night I had suffer a food poisoning. I remember that day was a public holiday here in Malaysia and Penang to be more specific..That evening  I already felt a bit dizzy. I thought that maybe because of lots of sleep ( I do sleep alot when I got holiday and offday hehe..)..
So I take my dose of caffeine, Nescafe to be more specific and went to sleep..

   However I suddenly woke up at 2am and feel realy REALLY really bad..Stomachache and feel dizzy a lot, I had to go to toilet and keep going there and worst part is I vomit alot. That night I cannot sleep at all and the pain is still bearable consider I had experience Batu Karang ( kidney stone)
before. But still the pain and discomfort costed me my sleep time..( come on its my precious time)

   That morning I quickly called my incharge to inform him that i cant make it to work today and going to get MC. That morning I went to a private clinic as I want to claimed the charge from my boss.hehe Well I cant wait for too long in my condition so this excuse is DEFINITELY legit hahaha...

I was greeted by a nice doctor.I know her since its not my first time going here. She's a sweet and a good doctor. She said i need to be inject to stop me from vomiting that would make my body weak and fatigue because a lots of liquid lost. I agree since I got no choice but she warn me this injection going to be very very painful. I was like naahhh just give it to me. How much pain it can be for one small injection anyway.LOL

The injection was a bit painful compare to other injection i had before. I have to admit it but its not like realy really painful because the truth is its not the injection going to be painful but But but the side effect of it. Damn ...hahaha  that day I cant barely manage to move my arm at all and I had to be bedridden the whole day..LOL  not the best day ever after all.

Ok thats all for now



Greetings and hello fellow readers..Hmm if I have one.LOL...On my last entry I said I already stop smoking BUT But....I failed..YES I failed..hahaha...Well maybe it just not the time yet and I kinda love it. I mean still love it but i managed to cut it down to 1 Packed for 5 days.. Isn't that amazing? hehehe...naahhh...

Yes this one. Winston favourite.
Pic from uncle google image

See the scary picture there? LOL not intimidating at all.hehe...By the way Malaysian Government had increase the price of cigarette from RM12.30 to RM15.50 with the excuse as usual to stop people from smoking..Hmmm seems legit isn't it?LOLOL..

   Luckily I smoke Winston which is not expensive as the most delicious one Dunhill..That one cost RM17 now. Yeahh RM17..Very silly price for a packed of cigarette.. Well back to the basic, cant complaint just need to improve oneself.

Ok continue to next entry..


Thursday, 12 November 2015

First World Problem = MONEY

Oohh God, Its been a long time I didn't update my blog. LOl..
Currently been busy with work..

  Yes , WORKS.. Sounds like I'm making hell lots of money but hell yeah I ain't making much instead of spending more. LOL ..Ok correction I'm not spending much just in this economic plus the introduction of GST  costed  me to add more in my monthly budget so there goes all my money LOL..

  However, despite in this bad situatiation I managed to think on someway to get out of financial problem. But ..but please dont clap your hands yet because I just managed to think but didnt actually
work on my theory just yet LOL..In my opinion I think I need to gain more money in order to survive and at least secured my futured.. At least lah. So I thinking of doing some part time work,maybe as a freelancer..Maybe part time designer,typist or etc etc..aahh I need to have new skills in my life.

   Second step is by cutting some unimportant budget.Well everything is important nothing sounds like unimportant. Luckily I managed to stop smoking..YESS  STOP SMOKING. Sounds like a greatest achivement in my life.LOL..There was a story of why I stop smoking and I will tell you all in next post.

   I hope with my not really proved theory I can at least save a little bit..Cannot ask minister to cut down the cost because well you know them. LOL..Although my effort look and sounds like a little effort yet we must remember we doesn't need an elephant to destroy a city. Only took one small virus to conquer them all. LOL

Ok only this for now,