Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Greetings fellow readers if have one.LOL... Today Cas feel really hard working and full of spirit as ever soooooo I going to do two entry for today. 2 yes TWO..LOL...

    Remember last time I said I stop smoking? Yes I tried and you all want to know what really happen and make me to decide to stop smoking? Well the story begin....

DUM DUM DUM ( suspen music)

Last week exactly on Deepavali night I had suffer a food poisoning. I remember that day was a public holiday here in Malaysia and Penang to be more specific..That evening  I already felt a bit dizzy. I thought that maybe because of lots of sleep ( I do sleep alot when I got holiday and offday hehe..)..
So I take my dose of caffeine, Nescafe to be more specific and went to sleep..

   However I suddenly woke up at 2am and feel realy REALLY really bad..Stomachache and feel dizzy a lot, I had to go to toilet and keep going there and worst part is I vomit alot. That night I cannot sleep at all and the pain is still bearable consider I had experience Batu Karang ( kidney stone)
before. But still the pain and discomfort costed me my sleep time..( come on its my precious time)

   That morning I quickly called my incharge to inform him that i cant make it to work today and going to get MC. That morning I went to a private clinic as I want to claimed the charge from my boss.hehe Well I cant wait for too long in my condition so this excuse is DEFINITELY legit hahaha...

I was greeted by a nice doctor.I know her since its not my first time going here. She's a sweet and a good doctor. She said i need to be inject to stop me from vomiting that would make my body weak and fatigue because a lots of liquid lost. I agree since I got no choice but she warn me this injection going to be very very painful. I was like naahhh just give it to me. How much pain it can be for one small injection anyway.LOL

The injection was a bit painful compare to other injection i had before. I have to admit it but its not like realy really painful because the truth is its not the injection going to be painful but But but the side effect of it. Damn ...hahaha  that day I cant barely manage to move my arm at all and I had to be bedridden the whole day..LOL  not the best day ever after all.

Ok thats all for now


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