Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Why I Always Failed In Interview?


Silly title..I had applied for hundreds of jobs. Yes seriously. Been to interview few times and I failed all of that except for my current job which I got recomended by some friend. I even failed to get a job as factory operator. I think all the foreigners better than me.LOL..Yet I think that maybe true. Some of them claimed to hold a degree. Just a rumour I'm not sure though. Maybe they better than Cas.

The biggest factor and often reason of why I failed in interview are :-

1. Lack of CHARISMA
    I was like WTF is that.LOL..yeah maybe true.I've been a laborers or so called "buruh kasar" for           almost a year so I may not have that smart or elegan look I think.LOL naahh I'm not sure.It maybe
    just their excuses.

2. Lack of communication skills
    Dont laugh.LOL..seriously I spend 2 years looking for job and help my family business. So I
    rarely communicate or socialize with other people except my family and regular customer. I just
    "Lepak" with friend only on festive season. Well adult life after all. Cant enjoy everynight. I think
     I getting better now. Before this I dont know what should I said and answer to the interviewer.I
     think he/she may think I'm a boring person.LOL

3.  Being too honest
     Honesty is important and crucial yet being very honest until you exposed and said negative things
    can be bad. Trust me no one like to hear negative things.

4. Lack of experience
    Yeah I lack of experience. I'm a not so fresh graduate yet didnt had any experience.LOL

Thats all I can list for now. Feel free to add more.LOL..ooh I'm not bashing anyone.


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