Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Ambition And Future


Wahh at last I had a chance to write my entry. I'm very busy with work recently. Not a good pay job but this one is the only place that hired me. Other place all rejected me.LOL

I still struggle to find better job.At least something that compatible with my qualification and better salary. Oh my please dont say I'm picky because its kind of hypocrite. When I was a kid my ambition was to be a navy.LOL ok ok i know i cant swim but kid dont care about all of that. The uniform look kind of good to me.Oh one more thing I'm colorblind so i have to gave up upon my ambition.

After quite sometime I think becoming a teacher also kind of good. Well I'm not a teacher's favourite because I always set a gap between me and all of my teacher whether at school or uni. Not because I hate them just I being profesional only.But, I kinda like the idea of being a teacher. I mean its a good and respectable job. I love school and teach other people. But.. but I failed to achive my ambition as I been directed to other path in my life.Oh my application to Maktab Perguruan also been rejected. I dont know why.LOL

After that I further my studies in engineering.Nooo engineering never been my field but I manage to do the best at least for one semester.After  one semsester i kind of like that field even I'm not a techincal type of person.LOL.Not that i been kicked out after one semester just my elders order me to further my studies in other field and I cant refuse at all because I been waiting for that offer.

After few years i manage to graduate.Few years of struggle,lack of sleep,enjoy and adventure. I thought after I graduate I can get better job,more money yet thats all just a fairy tale for me.LOL .Yet I never give up because I beleive in the future.

Noooo...I never hope I can get better job or have more money in the future. I just want to be a better person. Yes a better person because I think being rich and have a good job yet lack in moral is useless. Become a better person and I will achieve everything.

P/s : Actually I want to have my own business oneday..:)

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