Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Fate And Destiny


Wow! Today I making 2 entries.Hmm..seems like a good progress.While laying on my bed and surfing on some info I been thinking about something that we called as Fate and Destiny..

What is Fate? According to Uncle Google Fate can be define as
"the development of events outside a person's control, regarded as predetermined by a supernatural power."
Hmm.. from this definition what I understand is that one person cant do anything about his/her fate as it beyond mortal. For example if God state that this one person will failed in his/her final exam then however clever or outstanding he/she is she will failed. Sounds tragic right? Yet still legit. I mean imagine if he/she getting a fever,got into an accident or any personal problem for sure this thing can happen. Even its sounds tragic as hell we still lucky because we didnt know our fate.

What is Destiny?  According to Uncle Google again Destiny can be define as
"the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future"
This mean something that will happen to a person whether he/she like it or not. For example if our destiny state that we will have BigMc for tomorrow,however broke we are we still going to had BigMc for tomorrow.Like Fate ,we also didnt know our destiny.

This 2 things sounds like a mystery and some of us may said it unfair,cruel and bla bla bla all the negative things. Why so serious? relax..our Fate and Destiny doesnt have to be bad or unlucky. Some may turn out to be good. Even it turn out to be bad who we are to question God because God work on his own mysterious way. Should we blame our Fate and Destiny? Hell no.Thats the reason why we didnt know our Fate and Destiny. We just need to struggle and keep on and have some faith.

Remember something bad just didnt happen easily. Keep on and shake your own Fate and Destiny.
Oh my i sounds like a preacher now..feel free to leave your thought on the comment


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