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Hello and good morning everyone.I didn't manage to update this blog as I planned but here I come. I will do my best to keep on updating my blog Recently I getting new subordinate and a bit busy because I need to guide them. Well they really are fast learner and I'm glad to have them. With a tight schedule I aware that I sometimes tend to miss my meal and sometimes eat more than I need and as a results hahahaha no need to tell you know it I guess LOL...

My ideal body.
    Why you so worried about weight Cas? You not even a model or celebrity. LOL Well I do worried because I always want to look good and in shape. Beside I want to wear good cloth and look good in anything I wear. Moreover overweight would lead to other diseases and we don't want that right? After google here and there I find few diet plan. Hmm.. Let see which one suit me the best.
Look good right?

      Well Atkins is not new to me and I guess to everyone else too. Its quite popular here. This diet quite popular among my friend since we in South East Asian take rice as our staple food. Yeah yeah I know Atkins not just about avoid rice in your meal but it focused on low carb intake in our body. As we all know rice is a good source of food. This type of diet got 4 phase to follow. In this diet we consume less carb depend on which phase.  Why less carb? Well this is to trigger "ketosis". However ketosis only can be trigger when insulin level is low. That can only be happen when we took less carb. This will lead to "lyposis" which will consume fat to produce "ketone" Sounds confusing right?LOL  In easiest way is your fat is been used up since you take less carb. Ok more easy to understand right?
Example of Atkins meal

     To be honest I never heard of this type of diet before.Ok ok I know my general knowledge is insufficient.LOL ..In this diet we took 40% carb 30% protein and 30% fat. Sounds pretty balance right? Contrary to Atkins this diet encourages the consumption of carbhohydrate.  Ok ok like Atkins, Zone Diet also hard to be explain but let me give you all the best and easiest way to understand this diet. In this diet we took carb to secrete more insulin. Insulin then will turn the excess carb into fat. However by maintaining the insulin level in the certain "Zone" we can burn the body fat. This so called zone make this diet called Zone Diet. See easy right to understand?LOL

        This type of diet also quite popular and I heard it from long long time ago. This diet can be divided into many categories. Some are fully vegan and some not really fully vegan and will took dairy product and honey as well even its an animal product.  Not much scientific explaination on this but I myself beleive that being vegetarian is not just a diet but more to a way of life. Some people beleive that our body is not created to digest heavy food such as meat and other animal product. Beside it is beleive if you want to get more spiritual please eat less or none animal product at all. I'm not sure it might be true anyway.

     I like the idea of this diet .In this diet the person only took fish and veggie. Same like vegan but this one allowed the intake of fish. I first heard of this diet from Malaysian Playboy Bunny Miss Felixia Yeap.
Miss Felixia Yeap

Why only 4 Cas? LOL I think thats all I can write down for now and I've been thinking about this 4 diet plan only. To be honest I'm more attracted to Pescretarian Diet because I LOVE fish.hahaha...
Beside this diet there also other diet like Medittranean Diet,South Beach Diet and others. For the conclusion which diet you should do is depend on yourself and the target you want to achive, whether you want to lose some weight or add some weight. One last thing is don't forget to exercise.LOL


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