Monday, 28 December 2015


Hello and good evening to all my readers. Oh my god, Its been few weeks I didn't update my blog. To be honest I'm not so busy just I'm taking my time to enjoy my holiday. Yes I got Christmas holiday plus other public holiday plus my annual leave, total all 6 days of holiday. How I spend my holiday? Naahh not really well, I just stay at home and things didn't go well as I planned because I'm broke. Yes out of money LOL...Still have some but thats for savings.

Regarding on the title do I getting married or having a life partner ? LOL noooo . This going to be a long post. Actually since last month my neighbor had been taking electricity from my house. This is because he didn't pay his electricity bill and he do some modification to his electric meter to get free electrics. As a results Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) had took out his meter. Its his fault. Do his action bother me? Yes

     WHY? Well firstly because I'm the one who paid for electricity bill for my family and secondly it is danger to use cable extension for a long long time. In fact the cable had sparks few times and this put my family life in compromise. So what is the relationship between my neighbor and this title?LOL .

Okay first let me tell you a little bit about him. He is a married men with one wife and 6 children age from 19 to 6 month. Two of his daughter already out of school. I'm not sure whether the are working or not. Last few years since we move in here, this family had been living a good happy life. I mean a really good and quite luxury. They owned 3 cars, 1 van and 3 motorcycles and always going on vacation every week. Rich right? Well for a poor person like me this consider rich.

He told my father that he has been unemployed for 3 months. Pleaseee... I know he lied and the worst thing he asked us to pity his children. Like seriously? I gave you the electricity for more than a months. Not just for two or three days. Beside his children are not my responsibility. Well this may sounds selfish but I got my own responsibilities. I work until I sweat to give my family better life while he just sit and relax at home. 

So for me family planning is good and important. Yes I understand some people said children is the gift from God. Yes I agree yet we got a choice to plan for better future.Beside that, women need some time to avoid from getting pregnant because pregnancies is not easy okay. Got risk here and there and with that you can plan your financial as well. Growing a children is not as easy as ABC, its a responsibilities.

I think thats all for now,

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